Popular Wrought Iron Outdoor Wall Decor

Wrought Iron Outdoor Wall Decor Style

Wrought iron outdoor wall decor – Decorative wrought iron wall panels can be used indoors and outdoors. Not only functional as gates, balcony railings, garden accents or window grilles, wrought iron panels are moved into the high design. These artworks, which include roll, rosette and fleur -de-lies designs, lend architectural interest, dimension and texture to the bare walls in a way that paintings or prints cannot. Many wrought iron wall accents have a rustic, Tuscan or Spanish quality, with scrolls and curlicues. Wrought iron, though not exclusively rich Old World and traditional design. Pieces of the gate, fencing and door hardware, for example, bring the outdoors in and look at home in a country style or shabby-chic room. Some wrought iron pieces look modern, especially if they have a graphic punch, such as layers of circles or rectangles

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Large wrought iron outdoor wall decor makes wonderful works of art, especially over a fireplace or sofa. But used elsewhere, the functional and decorative. Wrought iron can frame a mirror in a hall or provide a place to hang keys. Tokens may include holders for votive candles or act as sconces. Some pieces even have screws to hold photographs, postcards and other souvenirs.

Because of its natural rustic quality, wrought iron outdoor wall decor suitable for outdoor decorative use. Wrought iron in the form of a window, for example, can be mounted on a pot scouring for added architectural interest. When hung on top of a door opening, a semi-circular wrought iron grid mimics an arched doorway. A piece hanging on a porch serves as wall art.

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