Popular Large Living Room Wall Decor

Stylish Large Living Room Wall Decor

Large living room wall decor – Large living rooms suitable for a wide range of uses in one room. Cozy seating areas since generously proportioned fireplaces invite conversation. A furniture association with the entertainment center as the hub offers a place to watch the game, or the latest DVD release. But with large rooms come large walls that can be a challenge to decorate. But with the right color choice, spreads and furniture, large walls increase the space, rather than detract from it

Stylish large living room wall decor, group four large paintings in a similar theme of an oversized sofa. Arrange them symmetrically to form a square or side by side, evenly distributed over the couch. Frame nine major old movie posters and arrange them in three rows of three. Draw the eye with a large wall sculpture in the middle of the wall. Match it to your decorating style. These are available in a wide range of materials such as cast iron, glass, copper, and wood. Review the specialty stores, online sites as Pottery Barn, as well as flea markets and craft shows.

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View a collection around a large item with the same theme. For example large living room wall decor, in a country-style room. group rustic folk art character around a large quilt For a small-scale device, arranging shell assemblies mounted in the shadow boxes around a surfboard.  Highlight family moments with a large group of family photographs. Use enough photographs to cover a large part of the wall. Frame them in matching frames in different sizes and arrange them across the wall, in three or four rows. Suspend Amish-style straight back chairs on the wall as art. Hang them from sticks. Let their simple lines speak for themselves.

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