Large Wall Decor Ideas Mirror

Large Wall Decor Ideas Creative

Large wall decor ideas – Usually large walls of houses are usually occupied by furniture, windows or doors, but there is always some wall, such as headboard or front, wall of stairs or wall of hallway, which are Unemployed. And these large walls, although it seems a contradiction, are usually most complicated to decorate.

Decorate large wall decor ideas with a mosaic of tiles. A great idea to decorate a large wall is to combine paint with tiles. As you see in this case, on a wall of a large living room or living room, has created a mosaic of bright tiles in center that combines perfectly with ambiance of living room decorating a very elegant and not just a wall Large, but whole room.

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Decorate large wall decor ideas with a vertical garden. It may sound weird to you, but vertical gardens are very much in vogue these days. If you like plants and lack outdoor space but there is plenty of space because you have a large wall with many square meters, you can add a vertical garden. Decorate a large wall with paint. Definitely my favorite option, painting. And with paint we can do anything, from painting in a color, two, three, create a base, vertical stripes, horizontal … or some abstract figure like this that decorates great wall of stairs.

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