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Decorating Home Decor Wall Mirrors

Home decor wall mirrors – You do not have to settle for lifeless and dull wall mirrors. Decorate wall mirror can drastically change their appearance. Different decorating ideas you can add a twist and complement the room. Decorative techniques do mirror a focal point in the room, if it remains functional or become purely an aesthetic piece.


Paint a mirror is an inexpensive way to add a frame-like appearance in the home decor wall mirrors. View the main colors in the room. To paint the mirror’s edges, buy complementary colors acrylic paint. No primer or sanding required. Use a straight edge and bevel to ensure the edges and lines are straight while painting. Buying stick-on stencils that match the home decor wall mirrors theme. Cleaning mirror. Place a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of each stencil. Move stencils around until you have it exactly as you want. Working with a stencil at a time; remove the double-sided tape and the support and place the predetermined location.

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Choose textured items that match the room’s decorating scheme. For example, sea shells work well for a beach or ocean theme. Start at the top right edge of the home decor wall mirrors. Place a small drop of hot glue with a glue gun. Attach textured object. Continue around the entire edge of the mirror wall. Select and Buy tassels or braided rope that match the color scheme of the room. Attach tassels in the corners by mirror or along the upper edge of the mirror. With hot glue method used to draw textured objects, attach the braided rope around the edge of the mirror to make a mirror frame.

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